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Affiliate FAQs

What is the CBD Affiliate Partnership?

Our CBD Affiliate Partnership offers an opportunity to earn income anytime and anywhere by promoting our CBD products through your various channels, using an affiliate link or coupon code.

With every completed order through your coupon code or affiliate link, you can earn a 15% commission, and for completed orders through the networks of those you refer, you can earn a 5% commission. Moreover, any new customers you acquire will be linked to your account for a lifetime.

Please keep in mind that orders placed through your own account will not qualify for commission.

What is the process after signing up?

Upon being approved for the Affiliate Influencer Program, a CBD2HEAL Account Manager will reach out to you and provide you additional details about the program and company.

You will have access to the Affiliate Area dashboard for information such as Affiliate Link, Affiliate Coupon Code, Pending Payments, Visitors, Team Members, and more.

The account manager will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are setup for success. Come up with new strategies and work your way towards financial freedom.

What is the Commission Structure?

There are two ways to earn commission:

Parent Affiliate: By using your coupon code or affiliate link, you can earn a 15% commission for every completed order. Furthermore, this customer will be permanently linked to your account once the order is completed.

Team Members: If you recruit new members, you can earn 5% commission for every completed order through their networks for life. You can have an unlimited number of team members directly under you. However, you will not receive a commission for orders placed through members who create their own teams.

You will not receive commission for orders on your own account.

When are commissions compensated?

Commission payouts are scheduled for the first week of each month, and we offer payments through e-Transfer or PayPal. To ensure timely payment, kindly provide your payment details to your Account Manager.

Please note that you will not earn commission on orders placed through your own account.

Affiliate Coupon Code vs. Affiliate Link

Upon approval, an Affiliate Link will be generated for you. You may use this link to create sales campaigns to track the effectiveness of your sales strategies. Whenever a customer clicks on your affiliate link and completes an order, you will receive the commission.

If you require an Affiliate Coupon Code, we will provide one upon request. Customers who use this code when making a purchase will ensure that you receive the commission. Nevertheless, if a customer clicks on a different Affiliate Link and uses your Coupon Code, you will not receive a commission.

Affiliate Links take precedence over Affiliate Coupons.

How long are cookies stored for?

Cookies will be stored for 30 days on the browser in which they were clicked. However, if a customer clicks on a different Affiliate Link, the affiliate referral will be transferred to the most recently clicked Affiliate Link, regardless of cookies.

Example: For instance, if John clicks on Affiliate A’s link but uses Affiliate B’s coupon, Affiliate A will still receive the commission.

*Be advised that we reserve the right to terminate your account if we find that you have violated our affiliate policy.


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