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EEEEEEKKK!!! I’m almost out!! Thank goodness I’m placing another order tonight.

Personal review from myself: I’ve had a sore throat all week, started last weekend and by Wednesday it really felt like possible strep. I thought to myself, let’s try this salve, because what have I got to lose right? Worst case I would have to go get a prescription for antibiotics… well… thankfully that was not the case for me.

IT WORKED AMAZING. I applied it to my neck and swollen lymph nodes before bed, and it had improved by morning. No longer felt dry and itchy, and I was able to blow my nose and get some yucky stuff out. I applied it again around noon the second day, and once again before bed. I’m only swollen on one side now, but the pain is gone. I CANNOT 100% guarantee the effects of this product, but I really do believe it’s amazing stuff 🙌🙌 I’ve also previously used it on sore shoulders and knees and had immediate, fantastic relief for hours 😍

Send me a message if you would like to try anything-I have a 25% off coupon that I’m sharing 🤗 plus free local group shipping 👏

–The Healing Den CBD

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To all my local Thunder Bay followers if you’re looking for some quality CBD products please contact me. I have been so happy with the quality and results of trying @cbdmagicca and products.

–Sleeping Giant Grow

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It’s been just over a week since I’ve received my free bottle of CBD oil from and let me tell you after working both jobs 14-15 hour at the hockey arenas and reffing ball hockey my body really takes a beating and this stuff is amazing!! I can’t believe how much it helps me relax just one drop when I get home and that’s it.

–Kyle Betts-Lepage

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